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» Solutions in field of process control systems
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Solutions in field of Process Control Systems

At present many domestic enterprises need in automation one way or the other. In today terms of market all such as are of most competitive ability, who know how to arrange own production processes with the most effectiveness and at the least expenses. But it is impossible to low expenses on production without all-automation of enterprise and also without processing automation. Apparently, a modern enterprise needs in power inflow of new technologies and solutions in order to grow and make a progress. Computerized systems capture the production sector more and more, easily handled and effective means for on-line processing test and control are available on the working places of operators.

Without any doubt a well-built PCS (Process Control System) is not only set of software and hardware means. Generally, it is result of organizational-and-technical planning and distribution of functions between operator and processing system. First of all, there is analysis of current state of the object needed in automation to select just those assemblies, with which it will be able to increase qualitative parameters a well.

"PROMSAT" Company has over fifteen-year experience in creation of process automation systems. The developed systems demonstrate the above said. It is no secret that each system has own attributes connected with solved problem and its cost. Furthermore, in a number of cases there is not enough to solve PCS problems by using of typical designing schemes based on special SCADA packages or application programming environments. It is required concurrent engineering for creative approach toward to increasing needs of customer. Besides, many application research tasks require nonstandard and non-ordinary solutions. Just thus we offer all service packages on process automation and also software and hardware for embedded systems. A wide choice of ways and methods of solution of your problem in combination with individual approach to each project will help you to find just what you need.

Our today's experience

Actually the PROMSAT Company's experts have been developed and realized PCS projects for various industrial branches, including:

  • Thermal control & control (Energetics, Metallurgy, Food Industry, Woodworking Industry)
  • Measurement & control of vibration parameters (Gas Turbine Compressors).
  • Gas analysis (on basis of gas detectors from Drager Firm)
  • Fire alarm (on basis of fire detectors from Spectrex Inc. Firm)
  • Bulk and liquid material proportioning, Tensometry (concrete, brick, glass, metal alloy making)
  • Precise agriculture (with use of Global Positioning Subject (GPS) means, for culture sowing and land enriching)
  • Process statistic data monitoring & storing (paper, carton, package making)

In the above mentioned projects we have widely used the equipment of own production:

  • A wide range of measuring converters and signal conditioning modules with galvanic isolation
  • Safety barrier units to support equipment operation in explosive zones
  • Panel controllers-indicators

Our employees attend carefully to each customer. Calling of experts on the object, recommendations how rightly select equipment, project type to solve automation problems are no completed list of services that we offer to our customers.

Development & production

The professional team including designers and developers of electronic equipment and also specialists in field of information technologies works in our Company. We are ready to perform the following works efficiently and in the shortest possible time:
  • Complex works on installation, implementation and maintenance of PCSs (turnkey development and implementation of PCS, review of projects).
  • Matching of various components for automation systems (programmable controllers, signal conditioning modules, actuating mechanisms, sensors, relays, etc).
  • Design and installation of industrial PC-controllers for distributed data acquisition & control systems
  • Integration of the existing equipment of customer into single software/hardware system.
  • Development and production:
    - Development and customization of signal transducers and signal conditioning modules with galvanic isolation (analogs of modules 5A, 7A);
    - programmable controllers (analogs of ADAM-4000, I-7000, NuDAM-6000 controllers).
    - electronic instrumentation
  • Application software design for PCSs (with using of SCADA packages InTouch, TraceMode).
  • Custom development of software.
  • Development of dispatching systems (data collecting, processing & transferring about state of technology processes, technology accounting consumption of materials, energy carriers and etc).

Important benefit is integration of software and hardware from various manufacturers into single complex. Such approach permits to reach both optimal cost-quality ratio, and maximal decision-directed adaptation toward customer needs.

Yours benefits

Automation is an effective only if you have increasing profit from committed facilities.

Why it is ADVANTAGEOUS to working with us?

  • We have many-years experience (over 15 years) in field of PCS creation.
  • We offer time-tested and customer-checked solutions
  • Flexible service for customers (calling of experts at an object, recommendations on selection of equipment, project type for solution of automation problems etc).
  • Complex solutions from one supplier.
  • Working regime: custom-designed products and developments.
  • We use the element base from the leading world-known manufacturers, state-of-the-art industrial technologies; direct co-operation with the leading manufacturers of hardware and software for PCSs.
  • We give a possibility for preliminary testing of our products; provide with technical support, warranty and post-warranty maintenance
  • We accommodate technical support, consultations and training for operating personnel