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  • Position sensors, Moisture sensors
  • Thermosensors
  • Pressure measuring equipment
  • Humidity measuring probes
Signal converters, normalizes
  • Galvanic isolated modules PSA-01
  • Built-in PSA-02
Safety barriers
  • PSA-03Ex series
Industrial controllers
  • PSA-04 series
  • PSA-05, PSA-0[X] series
  • SMH2010 series
Power supplies
  • PSA-EPS series
Vibration measuring equipment
  • Vibratory displacement/ vibrospeed
Electromechanical accessory
  • Clamps for DIN-bars
  • Wiring buses (DIN-bars)
  • Relay modules
  • Instrument
  • Cable lugs
Industrial computers and monitors
  • Protected
  • SCADA systems

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